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Sunday Services

8AM & 10AM
Holy Days and other services as announced.
Festive Processional Cross


Note for families: Children are always welcome at every service at St. Elisabeth’s. As an option, professional childcare for children 5 and under is available during the 10 AM service.


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What is worship at St. Elisabeth’s like?

Worship at St. Elisabeth’s has been described as both traditional and contemporary; fresh, engaging, yet timeless; dignified but not stuffy. We have Worship Planning meetings, open to all members of the congregation, throughout the year to give voice and shape to our liturgy. For more information about our Sunday Services, please see details below.

An overview of our Sunday services

On Sunday mornings, there are two services of the Holy Eucharist at 8 & 10 AM. Both services have readings from the Bible and a Sermon.

At the 8 AM service, “traditional” language is used, called Rite I in the Episcopal Church. This utilizes the beauty and poetic nature of Elizabethan English that many find inspiring. A more intimate, smaller gathering, the 8 AM service is quiet in nature and has a more contemplative feel to it.

The 10 AM service is the larger of the two services, celebratory, and uses contemporary language – nothing unfamiliar to a person off the street. In the Episcopal Church, this is known as Rite II. The 10 AM service also has hymns sung by the whole congregation, the choir & other guest musicians enriching the service, and the glorious sound of the organ.