Why We Give to Saint Elisabeth’s

“St. Elisabeth’s is my spiritual house.  It is where I come to give thanks, to worship God, to be in community with other faithful people, to receive support during the hard times, and to participate in service to others who need our help.  I know this spiritual house cannot continue to be there for you and me unless we provide sufficient support.”

“St. Elisabeth’s brings me gifts worth ten-fold my contribution of time and money; I have a church family that cares for me. I have opportunities to care for others, both parishioners and non-parishioners. I have a place for my children and me to learn about God. I have a beautiful building to spend time in and a spiritual leader in Rev. Cody. These gifts, although given freely, are costly. While on the vestry of St. E’s I’ve learned first hand what it takes to operate our church.  I’ve observed the thoughtful leadership that the treasurer, wardens and budget chair provide to keep our finances in order and best use the money that is tithed to St. Elisabeth’s.  I know that every dollar is spent wisely. We are a small group and it takes commitment from us all to  keep our parish running.”

“As John Milton said, ‘Gratitude bestows reverence…those transcendent moments of awe that change forever how we experience life and the world.’ That is why we give to St. Elisabeth’s.”

“…we are impressed with what this church has accomplished over the years with its gifts of time and treasure – in a phrase, the way St. Elisabeth’s consistently ‘punches above its weight’.”

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