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Budget Report
2020 Budget

Baehr Legacy Fund / St. Elisabeth’s Legacy Society
Glenna Foley

In 1981 upon his death William Baehr, a longtime member of St. Elisabeth’s Church (Church), bequeathed monetary gifts totaling $384,425 to the parish. The leadership of the church at that time established a separate endowment fund, The Baehr Legacy Fund (Fund). Mr. Baehr directed the money to be used to support the continued life of the parish. The Fund is independent of the Church’s finances.

Fund Investment
Currently the Fund’s assets are held with the Diocesan Foundation’s (Foundation) endowment and invested by that entity’s Board of Directors. Our shares in the Foundation investments are allocated among various publicly traded mutual funds. The Fund receives quarterly statements of the investment value. The accompanying financial report includes 3rd quarter and annual year-end positions when available.

Contributions and Disbursements
The original gift and subsequent contributions to the Fund total $549,750. Disbursements from the Fund total $1,346,530 which has been used for special projects and support of the Church’s operations. In recent years the Vestry and budget committee’s goal has been to limit the annual request to 5% of the Fund’s value. There have been no requests of the Fund for capital improvements since 2012. The request from the church for 2020 is $22,500

The St. Elisabeth’s Legacy Society
In 2012 the trustees of the Fund decided to promote giving to the Fund by creating The St. Elisabeth’s Legacy Society. The goal is to seek commitments made to the Church or the Fund through wills, estate documents or through use of other investment vehicles. Each year members, who presented a commitment, are honored at a dinner. In 2019, the dinner was held at Skokie Country Club with 16 members in attendance. Currently there are 24 members with Nancy Wittleder becoming a new member in 2019.

Members as of December 31, 2019:
– Nancy and Sam Badger
– Polly and Jim Bauer
– Richard Briggs
– Jean Britt
– Daphne and Jason Cody
– Mary and Tom Flocco
– Glenna and Bud Foley
– Sally Graver
– Pam and Bill Gunlicks
– Vicki and Larry Handwerk
– Anne and Hall Healy
– Polly and Phil Kasey
– Helen Lauck
– Robin Lake and Rich Lespersance
– Nancy and Phil Miller
– Susan and Jim Newcomb
– Joyce Newcomb
– Kay and Peter Rossiter
– Linda Staubitz
– Susan Tillett
– Anne and John Tuohy
– Nancy Wittleder
– Barbara Hermansen and Bob Wilcox
– Susan and Larry Whipple
– Glenna Foley, chair

– Phil Miller
– Kay Rossiter
– Joyce Newcomb
– Glenna Foley
– The Rev. Kevin M. Goodman
– Rich Lesperance, Sr. Warden
– Anne Tuohy, Jr. Warden
– Andrew Edelston, Treasurer

2019 BLF Financial Report