Lucky 13 Ingathering | September 13, 2020, 10AM on the Lawn

The number 13 may be our lucky number. Worship on our lawn may begin at our September 13th “Lucky 13 Ingathering.”

According to the July 2020 congregational survey, 64% of our congregation expressed interest in face-to-face worship on the lawn. The “Lucky 13 Ingathering” has been created to address this possibility.

Weather permitting, and the latest data regarding the pandemic in our favor, beginning on Sunday, September 13, in person worship on the lawn will commence. The service will be streamed. Lectors and prayer leaders will have the option of pre-recording readings. No one is required to attend. Because of streaming, no one will be excluded.

Parishioner Preparations:

  • All families and individuals are required to bring their own elements for communion consecration. Consider baking bread with our recipe, packing the bread and wine or apple juice, and bringing it to the lawn service.
  • Worship booklets must be downloaded into an e-reader/ipad or printed out and brought to the service. The service is available for download the Friday prior to the gathering.
  • Parishioners must bring chairs, blankets, and any other items they would like and assemble on the lawn in their “pod.”
  • All gathered parishioners and worship participants must wear masks during gathering, departing, and moving from their “pod” to the lectern for the reading. Once a person is at their designated “pod” area, masks may be removed at the discretion of the individual. “Pods” will be spaced and identified, 20 feet apart.

Lawn Gathering Precautions:

  • A large circle, with identifiable gathering “pod” positions, will be marked around the lawn
  • Masks must be worn by all as the congregation gathers, greeting each other 6 feet apart.
  • Masks are not to be removed until parishioners are settled in their “pod.”
  • Parishioners would then, in quarantined “pods”, 20 feet apart set up their own lawn chairs, blankets and any other items brought from home.
  • Masks must be worn if a parishioner moves from their “pod.”
  • The interior of St. Elisabeth’s remains closed.
  • Bathrooms are closed unless there is an extreme emergency.

Liturgy of the Word:

  • Lectors will proclaim the readings from the podium/lectern
  • Masks must be worn when leaving their “pod” and during the entirety of the reading/prayers of the people. The lector’s mask may be removed once returning to their “pod”

Liturgy of the Table:

  • Parishioners must bring their own elements to be consecrated.
  • During the communion anthem, elements must be on a small plate and wine or apple juice in a small container, clearly visible in each “pod.”
  • The Presider will bless their own elements at the presider’s table.


  • Instrumental music will be played throughout.
  • Parishioners will be encouraged to follow the words along in their worship booklet.
  • If science and the latest information re:COVID supports this, singing with masks within “pods” may be considered.

Drive up:

If a parishioner would like to attend but feels unsafe gathering on the lawn, they may choose to park in their car in our south side parking area and watch the stream on Facebook Live.