Celebration of Discipline

Discipline. What is it? It sounds scary and no fun. When did you first experience discipline?

For me, the earliest memory is not a good one. It involved my kindergarten class, a principal with a ruler, a hallway, and what seemed like an indefinite time of waiting. Discipline. What is it good for?

As we move together through this period of disorientation and reorientation, I have discovered that I need disciplines to create a sense of rhythm and stability. For me, disciplines create frameworks opening up possibility and brave space so I can move forward with confidence. I am grateful for the disciplines I have acquired and have reexamined some of them during this time of living and working and functioning within this pandemic. These days I find myself in prayer hoping to find the energy and the will to develop new ones for this particular context.

How have you implemented disciplines and frameworks during life with COVID-19? Have you discovered something new? Did you rediscover something from the past that worked then? Has a new skill emerged that you didn’t realize you could develop?

Spiritual traditions are blessed with disciplines handed down for decades enabling people from all times and particular spaces to connect with God, explore their faith, and deepen their spirituality. The establishment of developing holy habits requires the disciplines of time, dedication and stamina. Not all disciplines are for all people. But, it is for us to explore holy habits and make ourselves present to a variety of practices to see which one(s) increase our faith in God and in each other.

The people of St. Elisabeth’s are invited to embark on a celebration of discipline – a study group via zoom. This multi-generational gathering is for all seeking God through the study of prayer, history, church tradition and spiritual disciplines. Additionally, elements are included for persons seeking confirmation in the Episcopal Church.

All are invited to participate. To do so:

  • Buy the book. If seeking confirmation, books.
  • Have a journal.
  • Join us via Zoom, Thursday evenings, beginning May 7, 7:30PM – 8:30PM.