Beyond the Red Doors

As we approach the end of our Annual Campaign for pledges that will fund the Church in 2021, each of us should think about how a strong financial base empowers a Church to reach out […]


Annual Campaign

As you know, it’s stewardship season, and the time of our in-gathering of annual giving pledges is fast approaching. Normally, the in-gathering is literally the time we go to church with our pledge cards in […]


Stewardship for 2021

Our campaign to fund the Church for 2021 and complete the Stone, Sash, and Sound work has begun, with pledge cards to be blessed Sunday, November 15. If you have not received a mailing – […]


What is the Bible?

At Tuesday’s Family Chapel, we began to explore the complicated collection of writings we call the Bible. We started the conversation by asking, “When you walk into a bookstore or library, what section appeals to […]

St. Elisabeth's Voice

Rest, Reset, Reboot

This Sunday, Jesus feeds the five thousand. Our Gospel reading these past weeks have been beautiful parables about sustainable, transformative faith, growing and building and impacting us from within, even if this faith seems dead […]


Speaking of Freedom

A Letter to the Churchfrom Kelly Brown Douglas, Stephanie Spellers, and Winnie Varghese On this day, July 4th, our country celebrates its Independence. Our Episcopal Church also marks this as a major Feast Day, a […]