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A Sky Full of Stars

For me, journeys never end. Whether I find myself walking around the world in Epcot Center at Walt Disney World or concentrating on time, breath and step while moving through a labyrinth, ultimately, all journeys […]


Celebrate Christmas!

Merry Christmas! Join us on Facebook Live for our Christmas Eve service of music, pageant and prayer! Christmas Eve ServiceThursday, December 24 at 4:00PM via Facebook Live. Gather with family friends and welcome the Christ-child […]


What is the Bible?

At Tuesday’s Family Chapel, we began to explore the complicated collection of writings we call the Bible. We started the conversation by asking, “When you walk into a bookstore or library, what section appeals to […]

St. Elisabeth's Voice

Rest, Reset, Reboot

This Sunday, Jesus feeds the five thousand. Our Gospel reading these past weeks have been beautiful parables about sustainable, transformative faith, growing and building and impacting us from within, even if this faith seems dead […]