Children's ProgramChildren are warmly enfolded into and are an important part of the intergenerational environment at St. Elisabeth’s. Young people that grow up in our congregation, more than many other teenagers their age, come out much more comfortable speaking with and serving with little children, adults, and older people. St. Elisabeth’s has built-in “grandparents,” “cousins,” and “grandchildren” which are especially important to our members whose blood families live far away. Children are even given instruction about how to conduct themselves at Coffee Hour so that they can be fully included and feel comfortable. People of all ages are welcome to share in Communion at God’s table.

While children of all ages are welcome to worship in the pew with their parents, St. Elisabeth’s also offers some other choices.

For children 3 and under, we have a beautiful and professionally-staffed Nursery open from 9:45 AM to Noon on Sundays.

For children 3 through kindergarten, we have the Weefolks program run by a professional Christian educator and adult volunteers. Weefolks begins at 9:50 AM with children’s chapel followed by Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, and concludes by coming in to join the rest of the congregation for communion.

Elementary children are part of the regular worship, and take some special parts in the service by collecting food donations and bringing the gifts to the altar. Beginning in fifth grade, young people are trained as acolytes to assist the priest at the altar. Elementary children meet upstairs after Coffee Hour for education time while the teens and adults are meeting downstairs for education.

Throughout the year, there are myriad opportunities for service, worship, and learning that are intergenerational in nature. These options are popular because parents and children can learn and grow together in their faith.