Capital Campaign for Warmth & Safety

heatThe Vestry has embarked on a capital campaign this summer. St. Elisabeth’s needs to raise approximately $50,000 in order to address some significant and unplanned capital needs for the church.   Specifically, the following items have either outlived their useful life, pose a safety issue or are simply not working properly:

  • Our two boilers have been working hard to keep us warm since 1991 and have reached the end of their useful lives.  These will cost $22,000 to replace, which is a relative bargain compared to the last time we did this which cost us more than $100,000
  • We are all excited to welcome Montessori to our nursery school space, providing us not only with some much needed income each year, but also adding a vitality back to our buildings during the week that only children can bring.  Unfortunately, the windows in one of the nursery school rooms leave the room very cold during the winter and need to be replaced at a cost of $10,000
  •    The Village of Glencoe has identified a number of code violations/safety suggestions for our building, some of which must be addressed before they will renew our occupancy permits.  Among these are hand rails and some electrical upgrades that will cost approximately $8,500
  •    Lastly, our signage is tired and inaccurate and is in need of an update that will cost $7,500.

Some of these items are time sensitive such as the boiler, windows and code issues, while others can be addressed over the next 12-18 months.  As a result, we will be looking for a two-year commitment, with the 2013 portion used for the more time sensitive items, while the 2014 giving give will be used for the remainder – roughly $33,000 needs to be spent in 2013.

To date some $30,000 has been pledged. We would like to wrap up this campaign by August 18. If you didn’t receive a pledge card in the mail they are available at church or contacting the parish office at

For further information about this project contact Tom Flocco, the Senior Warden,  Kay Rossiter, the Junior Warden, or Larry Handwerk, our Assisting Priest.

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